VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP is the most important Czech engineering group with a strong position in selected segments of machinery production and in the area of supplies of large investment assemblies. It incorporates approximately thirty companies. The group disposes of a modern, extensive and unique production base and know-how based on research and development. VÍTKOVICE trade mark celebrated its 185th anniversary in December 2013.  Traditional manufacturing of products in series and engineering fields were complemented with two new areas: Green Technology - CNG and biogas and information technologies. Vítkovice is currently a European leader in steel cylinder production with state-of-the-art production line. It occupies almost one fifth of the global market with special crankshafts  for large sea vessels.  The company is one of those that dynamically develop the project for switch of the car drives from standard fuels to alternative drive using compressed natural gas (CNG). It is a holder of certifications from significant reputable inspection companies.

Vítkovice develops creative and innovative potential also in the course of preparation and realization of investment actions like retrofits of thermal power plants of CEZ in Tusimice and  also within the program of production of components for nuclear power engineering. In this area the company has got much to link to. In the past VÍTKOVICE was an important supplier of components for nuclear power plants. Volume compensators and steam generators manufactured in VÍTKOVICE serve in Temelín, in Dukovany, but also in other nuclear power plants abroad.

The important businesses of last years include for example roof structure of O2 arena in Prague, construction of air shed near Mošnov or reconstruction of historical steel structure of the railway station in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. With regard to the fact that Vítkovice considers the information technologies to be fundamental, they also become a means to complex supplies of sophisticated  key-ready engineering products and assemblies. Development, design, construction, management and control of systems and technologies of the third millennium is definitely based on information and communication technologies.


  • Global leader of top engineering technologies;
  • Management of specialized engineering areas;
  • Development of company activities by qualified personnel in line with the interests of shareholders and with regard to environmental protection.


The strategy of the group is built on three basic pillars:


Vision of development

The vision of VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP is based on four basic principles:  

  1. Utilization of the production base of the group and engineering development.
  2. Development of innovations, cooperation with universities and academic sphere. The result of this process are the new products and areas we develop within the group.
  3. Use of state-of-the-art technologies – information technologies, green technologies and newly also nanotechnologies. Another area, to which we pay maximum attention, is the power engineering.
  4. For VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP the cooperation with the region and Corporate Social Responsibility program is one of four functional basics of the group.