The archive has been accredited by the Ministry of Interior for the performance of the private archives and its activity is based on Act No. 499/2004 Coll. on Archives and records service in 2004.


History and present of the archive:

Archive belongs to the oldest and largest corporate archives in the Czech Republic. It was established on the basis of the circular from the Director Václav Belfín No. 62/54, dated 7 April 1954, which was preceded by a Government resolution of 9 January 1953, which included a centrally planned economy policy management archive activities. In the year 2006 was the archive based on the decision of the Ministry of the Interior granted management archive of accreditation for the performance of the private archive.

The archive currently has its own study-room, four depositories and the appropriate technical equipment.

The parent body is the Provincial archive in Opava, to which archive presents the annual report and an up-to-date register of national heritage, which is then sent to the archive administration of the Ministry of the Interior. In addition, the Provincial archive in Opava approves all proposals for the disposal of documents with expired discarding period.

The basic activities of the archive:

  • pre-archival care about documents-check recording and shredding services, methodological guidance for workers, consultation of discarding designs registries
  • processing of archival documents – copies of archive tools (inventories, catalogues), the digitization of historic photographs and archival documents
  • physical and legal protection of the records-from theft, corruption, misuse of information and unauthorized handling of archival materials
  • the use of public records--for publishing and research activities
  • external organisations we offer the possibility of storing archival documents and ensuring the archival care (management of documents and shredding activity)