In 2006, the archives was accredited by the Ministry of the Interior as a private archives conforming to Act No. 499/2004 Coll. on Archiving and Record Management.

Fundamental professional activities 

  • Care of documents before archiving – record management and shredding checks,  methodical instruction of registry officers, consulting on proposals for documents to be shredded
  • Archival documents processing – creating archival tools (inventories, catalogues), digitalization of historical photographs and archival documents
  • Physical and legal protection of archival documents – against theft, damage, abuse and unauthorized use of archival documents
  • Using archival documents – for VÍTKOVICE, a. s., and publishing and research activities

The archives offers external organizations to store archival documents and facilitates archiving activities (document management and shredding activities). The archives employees also keep a record of various museum and artwork collections of VÍTKOVICE, a. s., and ensures the operation of the Central Record Registry and wage receipt management.

Opening hours for external researchers: Mon-Thu 7:00AM-02:30PM