Closed Production Cycle


In metallurgy we provide supplies of various shaped forgings, castings, hoops and ingots in a wide range of the steel marks according to customer specifications. Our long-time experience, own know-how based on research and development in the metallurgy provide us to come up to the most demanding customer requirements.

Marine programme

The marine programme is one of the traditional branches in the VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP. We focus on production of semi-built crankshafts according to the MAN and Wärtsilä licences that are used in 2-stroke low-speed engines. These engines are not only used in the marine industry, but also in stationary power plants.


A shaft is each rotary component of cylindrical shape. Therefore, the portfolio is limited to shafts used for: hydro power, wind power, surface and conventional mining and railway axles.

Pressure vessel parts

Pressure vessel parts for nuclear engineering and the petrochemical industry made of carbon, low-alloy or stainless steel. Production according to Russian, European and American standards.

Gears and gearboxes

Our company guarantees the newest and up-to-date technologies during the manufacturing of the gear boxes and gear parts for use in heavy industry – in metallurgy and coking works, rolling mills drives, screwdown drives, industrial coolers and shears drives.

Instruments and tools

The area of instruments and tools involves the production and sale of forgings made of various types of steel. Instruments and tools represent a traditional field in the VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP