CNG Programme

CNG and CTG programme

Programme CTG and CNG (Compressed technical gas) is a new direction of VÍTKOVICE, which reflects the growing interest in transportation and use of highly compressed gases in the world.

We offer our customers a unique set of equipment and products so called Mobile pipelines for the supplies of vehicles, areas and technologies without gas supply and as backup gas storage facilities for so called "Rapid deployment" in case of accidents and disasters. They are mostly stationary and mobile filling stations certified trailers and containers and various reservoirs of pressurized gas. We carry out reconstruction of cars and trucks and diesel locomotives. The devices are ready for use on road, rail and sea.

Branch CNG under the brand CNGvitall represents in the Group's portfolio a new direction, which reflects the large increase in the number of vehicles and technologies using extremely efficient and eco-friendly compressed natural gas. We offer our customers the construction of CNG filling stations for corporate fleets, carriers and the public. We are also operators of expanding network of filling stations. We offer mobile filling stations and implementation of "turnkey" filling stations. We rebuild locomotives, petrol cars and commercial vehicles. We carry out the production of special transporting vehicles powered by CNG. We produce trailer trucks for transportation of CNG and we offer gas supply directly to customers. There are represented in our company offer virtual gas pipelines (CNG containers) for use in areas without gas pipeline and in conjunction with filling stations. We carry cargo and people CNG vehicles. We rent cars and vans with CNG drive.

The main fields of CNG exploitation

  • Technology for petrol stations
  • Company car fleet
  • Public transport services
  • Public services (taxi, cleaning services)
  • Rail carriers
  • The technology of production facilities