Coal Energy


We provide comprehensive deliveries of power plants. We cover these areas: projects, production, deliveries, assemblies and putting into operation of power plants, including coal mining, fuel storage and processing, the main production block (a boiler house and a machine room), dedusting, desulphurization, manipulation, modification and processing of energy by-products, directing the output power to the external distribution network, the construction part of all construction projects, technological load-bearing steel structures, transport and limestone preparation, a cooling circuit, including cooling towers and other associated technologies, state diagnostics of energy devices components, a remote monitoring system, and guarantee and post-guarantee servicing.


We focus on delivering pulverized coal-fired boilers of sizes 100 MWe – 500 MWe, which we can technically adjust to customer requirements. We are very experienced in comprehensive energy resources restoration, boiler room and boiler parts reconstructions, including increasing the efficiency of the restored blocks operation – efficiency, fuel consumption reduction and the block consumption, denitrification by the primary and secondary measures, and reducing the impact of emissions.