Products of the Ecoengineering field include mainly deliveries for agriculture. These include tanks for storing liquid manure from cattle, pigs, and other types of wastewater in agriculture. They also include tanks for storing of liquid fertilizers (DAM, RMS, etc.).

Storage of bulk materials 

The tanks are used for storing limestone, cement, fly ash, wood waste, gravel sand, granulated plastic, salt, carbon black etc. The tanks can be of an underpass type with suspended enameled hoppers.

Storage of liquid 

The tanks are used for the storage of drinking water, wastewater, fire water, petroleum, ammonia, lime milk and other chemicals within the range of chemical resistance of enamel. Process tanks for wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), bio-gas stations (BGS), and industrial process equipment (for power generation etc.). Activation, sedimentation, storage, homogenization, and neutralization tanks for WWTP. For BGS the tanks are also used as standalone fermenters, gas holders, digestion tanks, homogenization tanks, and storage tanks.

Comprehensive deliveries of wastewater treatment plant for sewage water:

  • WWTP HYDROVIT® SBR is a discontinuous monoblock with an output of 500 – 2.000 population equivalent
  • WWTP HYDROVIT® SI is a compact continuous WWTP with an output of 2000 – 10.000 population equivalent
  • WWTP HYDROVIT® P is a set of biological tanks with an output of 10.000 - 100.000 population equivalent

Comprehensive deliveries of bio-gas stations

Bio-gas stations (BGS) for treatment of pig and cattle liquid manure in combination with other biodegradable material (meat and bone meal, cellulose sludge, etc.) and residues from agricultural production. Capacity from 350kW to 5000kW.

Surface protection

  • sandblasting and grit blasting of supplied products in accordance with ČSN ISO 8501
  • hot spray coating of materials, mechanical parts and equipment, plates and steel structures for corrosion protection in accordance with ČSN EN 22 063
  • special hot spray coating -solutions for refurbishing of parts and equipment using coating in accordance with ČSN EN 657, DIN 32 530 -metallic coating, metal-ceramic coating, ceramic coating.