The branch of mechanical erection is characterised by many superlatives:

Single-arch bridge with the largest span
330 meters – Žďákov

The longest bridge
1,200 m – Trmice Bridge on D8

The heaviest bridge
13,200 tons – structural steel for a combined motorway/railway bridge in Bratislava, Slovakia

Structural steel – the heaviest construction
36,000 tons - Finishing Plant Krivoy Rog, Ukraine

The highest building
355 M – transmitter Liblice, Český Brod

Construction performed at the highest altitude
1,492 m above sea level - Transmitter Praděd

The heaviest burden lifted
140 tons - the dome of Temelín NPP to unload 36 m

The biggest accumulation of fitters
600 - Nuclear Power Plant Temelín

Installation at the highest temperature
46 ° C - Homs, Syria

The farthest project
11,900 km - Pulp Mill Punta Pereira, Uruguay