Gears and Gearboxes


Gear boxes – their constructional design is implemented according to the requirements of the customer based on the supplied documentation, conditions and input data. This design complies with up-to-date knowledge in the field of gears development and it is performed by using construction computational software. The gear box parts are manufactured by modern machine equipment including heat treatment, using gears sharpening, measuring and issuing the final test certificate. We guarantee that we use the latest technologies during manufacturing gear box and gear parts for use in heavy industry – in metallurgy and coking works, rolling mills drives, screw down drives, industrial coolers and shears drives.


The company guarantees the development, design and manufacturing of special gear boxes for use in open cast mining  and the power industry, for all types of excavators, stackers and stockyard machines drives – gear boxes for belt conveyers, undercarriages, turning, bucket wheel and boom lift. Also for conveyor belts drives, screeners, sorters and crusher drives. The company tradition includes also development and production of special gear boxes for use in cement mills, sugar mills and the shipbuilding industry – in the field of ship winches, the deliveries for manufacturers of cranes, machining and drilling equipment.


Our company, apart from gear boxes deliveries, deals with the production of gears as gear boxes spare parts or with deliveries of gear wheels, gear pinions, shafts, rims, ridge rollers and gear couplings with surface heat treatment of gears – by means of case hardening and quenching tempering. These items are spare parts for different sectors of industry - cement works, coking works, sugar mills, steel works, and the shipbuilding industry.


Our production portfolio also includes manufacturing of a special type of spiral-shaped conical entry up to a diameter of 3m. This special production uses all latest technological advantages – from 5D surface machining through case hardening and quenching to final surface treatment.


Our mechanical engineering production includes the delivery of machined and assembled engineering units for the above-mentioned industrial sectors. This branch includes also the production of special parts, assembled units and units like ship winches, skip winches, units of hoisting ship systems. Parts for rolling mills such as wipers, loopers and hoisting systems. Items for coking plants like pushing rods, coke ovens doors, stampers. Machine parts for opencast mining like drive stations, undercarriages, parts for driving and turning.