Hutní montáže a.s.

Hutní montáže a.s.

Hutní montáže is a long-established company operating in mechanical erection, repair and maintenance. Within this industry it is the largest enterprise in the Czech Republic and one of the largest in the European Union. Hutní montáže is above all export-oriented. The company operates both in the domestic and foreign markets, primarily in the EU countries, but also overseas. Over the last decade the company's annual revenue has steadily reached 40-50 mil. €, the share of exports being about 60 – 80 % of that.

The company employs highly experienced managerial staff and well-qualified construction teams and has its own technical facilities and equipment for welding operations and weld examination as well as its own mobile crane fleet.

Hutní montáže is a long-standing, competitive and stable company.

With its 700 permanent employees and approximately 150 contingent employees, Hutní montáže has altogether 700 blue-collar workers available, which includes 200 welders.

Occupational safety and protection of health of the employees is the company's main priority.

  • Registered seat: Ruská 1162/60, Vítkovice, 703 00 Ostrava
  • Tel.: +420 595 951 111
  • E-mail:
  • Reg. No.: 15504140
  • Tax ident. No.: CZ15504140
  • Registration: The company is registered in the Extract from the Trade Register kept by the District Court of Ostrava, Part B, File 143.
  • Tax Identification number in foreign countries: Sweden (SE502062697301), Slovakia  (SK2020336857), Germany (DE261236195), Netherlands (NL822925710B01), Uruguay (21 540500 0015), RSA (2013/191295/10), Bulgaria (BG203670965), Poland (PL5262975917), Finland (FI21789629), Norway (NO987265531 MVA).
  • Hutní montáže, a.s., is a member of the VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP and it is owned by VÍTKOVICE, a.s., and VÍTKOVICE HEAVY MACHINERY  a.s., both companies having registered seat at Ruská 2887/101, Vítkovice, 703 00 Ostrava.
  • Annual Report 2015