Information Technology

Information Technology and Industrial Automation

Information and communications technology (ICT) intervenes in and influences our lives more than ever.

We continue with the innovative work of our predecessors that have been dealing with the automated data processing for over 85 years and always provided their customers with go-ahead solutions focused on the support of business, security, communication and other fields. The quality of services is provided through a team of professionals. Based on long-term experience, the knowledge of modern technology and mastering workflows including necessary cooperation with schools and scientific research centres, we are able to design an appropriate solution that satisfies the customers' needs.

On this foundation we have been building significant partnership not only with the customers, but also with partners – leading information technology producers whose solutions we implement successfully. Nowadays, we offer solutions supporting not only our own manufacturing, business, financial and logistic processes within VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP, but increasingly raise the value added of industrial products, help increase security and the quality of citizens' life.