Intellectual Property


The company has been devoting to the intellectual property protection since the beginning of last century. Even before the Imperial Law on patents was applied, The Vítkovice Mining and Metallurgical Company focused a great attention on monitoring Austro-Hungarian and foreign patents related to metallurgy and metallurgical engineering. The patent department dealt with issues of patents and licenses. After the war, the trademark administration of Vítkovice Ironworks was added along with the search administration and the relatively extensive administration of improvement proposals.

The Technical Library of Vítkovice Ironworks dates back to 1918. At that time, the library contained only basic technical literature. However, after the war it grew and the library collection was composed of approximately 16 000 books with an annual increase of 3 500 new volumes. The library has also greatly expanded its services to all industrial establishments, departments and individuals, especially when ordering and lending literature and magazines, including foreign ones.

The Technical Standardization activity dates back to the end of the Second World War, when the Office for Standards was established as the supreme authority of the technical standardization. The technical standardization department was primarily focused on the creation of company standards, actually non-existent before then. In the late 50s, the technical terms administration was added. The company has largely contributed to the creation of state standards, and later it began to develop activities in the international ISO standardization. Along with the change of the standardization concept, since 1989 the attention has been turned to the implementation of international standards and EN standards into the Czech standards system and to widening and improving transferred information.