Metal Evolution Strategy


VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP is one of the largest engineering groups in Evrope. It builds on almost two centuries of know-how and doing business in an industry which has been accompanying civilisation and driving its development since the beginning. The Group has expanded to almost all fields of human activites and stood at the birth of the third largest city in the Czech Republic. Hence it has been an active participant in an evolution – METAL EVOLUTION.


Under the VÍTKOVICE Group's umbrella belongs a spectrum of industries newly grouped into three pillars in such a way that their synergies across the Group's subsidiaries enable us to find a solution for any assignment given to us by our business partners. The METAL EVOLUTION Strategy enables clients to better understand the production base of VÍTKOVICE, which can take pride in its closed production cycle of special metallurgy involving all the available technologies. At the same time, the second pilar is represented by VÍTKOVICE products with top class know-how, which can be delivered not only as commodities, but also with engineering support, including full tailor-made solutions. The strategy newly defines services, which include the already established installation and maintenance as well as technologically new foriging of titanium and nickel alloys and other technologies of the third millennium. Our comleted acqusition and investments in third millnium technologies predispose us to the role of an EPC contractor. We are a partner with modern manufacturing facilities of a global reach, but also with responsibility to ourselves as well as to our immediate surroundings. We believe in visions and know how to transform into reality.


Imagine a production cycle in which the entire production proces is fullu in your hands, from the production of molten metal, through the production of castings and forgings and machining operations, to the final assembly . We are one of only a hnadful of firms wich can boast of a comprehensive process cycle. And we manage all this with our resources. We deploy the closed technological cycle technique throughout our engineering machinary group. Thus input coasts, deadlines and the quality of deliveries are fully under our control, which enables us to remain competitive in the current global markets.


VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP has since time immemorial been delivering products made according to its own design. Thanks to our closed production cycle we are able to cover all the essential requirements necessary for delivering products. And all this using our own design and project teams who in development and production use state-of-the-art technologies and procedures, guaranteeinng high reliability, contributable also to our original technical solution.


Our technologies , professional teams, top know-how, research and long tradition of hard work create ideal conditions for rendering solid services to our clients. The spectrum of increasse your competitivaness.


Metal evolution strategy