Maintenance and Rental

Maintenance and rentals

In this field, we have long and rich experience from our own factories and services provided to customers both inside and outside the VMG group. We offer property rental with provided facility management, full service of fire protection, including inspection and repair of fire protection equipment, fire-safety systems and fire sprinkler systems. We also offer repairs, maintenance and service for the fields of metallurgy, energy, engineering and transport.

Our field is extensive. It covers a wide range of activities, from regular 24-hour service and maintenance, through planned medium repairs and complete overhauls, spare part recondition, repairs of railway wagons, a railway track, to machinery and equipment modernization. We have built an efficient base of technology, design and construction. We provide static and dynamic diagnostic measurements; we have our own inspection technicians of selected equipment. We provide consultancy and expert reports in areas we service.

The branch is implemented in companies with design and manufacturing capabilities and experience, capable of producing mechanical and technological prefabricated parts according to their own and customer-supplied documentation. It includes the production and assembly of mechanical parts and simple machinery. We successfully implement single-purpose machines of our own design. We are capable of producing mechanical components on our machines. In the electrical engineering program, we produce and supply high and low voltage switchgear. We are able to modernize machinery with SIMATIC - S7 series control system.