Marine programme

Tradition and future

Marine programme is one of the traditional branches in VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP.  We focus on production of semi built crankshafts according to licence MAN and Wärtsilä that are used in 2-stroke low speed engines. These engines are not only used in marine industry but also in stationary power plants. We offer additional engine parts such as piston rods, connecting rods, crossheads, chain wheels.

Another important product are propeller shafts with axial drilling up to length of 24 meters. We are able to offer these shafts with shrink fitted bronze liners. Rudder Arragements are offer not only as spare parts as rudder stocks, pintles, trunks but also as complete set.  We also produce castings parts of rudder system "AZIPOD"  in cooperation with company ABB Oy marine and Port, Finland.