material transportation

Materials Transportation

A traditional field that includes slag disposal systems for the manipulation of loose mass, coke plants and blast furnaces. Slag disposal systems and ore processing plants cover especially the manipulation of materials, which is conducted by using landfill machines (stackers, loaders, a combination of these two, and dozers), transporters and coal mills. Coke plants include machines for both coke production technologies (stamp charging and top charging) and coke batteries operation.

Blast furnaces include not only the delivery of the blast furnace shell, but also brickwork, the cooling system, steel structures, the charging system (containing skip hoists, a skip pit, charging units, hot blast stoves including piping and blowing sets), gas cleaners (dry with screw feeders and stoppers, wet with scrubbers and "Venturi" spraying equipment). Belt conveyor systems are close to the fields of manipulation of loose mass and raw material mining and is another of the products offered by VÍTKOVICE GEARWORKS a.s. A belt conveyor system can be included in the comprehensive delivery for surface mining and landfill machines, but according to customer requirements, the belt conveyor system can be delivered separately. You can choose from various lengths and widths of conveyors.