Membrane walls

Membrane Wall Production Line

A membrane wall production line is a new, modern department for producing a pressure unit of power plant boilers and other energy devices. Welding technology for producing membrane walls was started in 2010 and the line can produce both raw and machined membrane walls. As regards components for energy devices, we are able to cover design calculations, creating documentation, production, certification, logistics and assembling the steam generator circuit from boiler drums through membrane walls to superheaters, economisers and the like, including the design and delivery of load-bearing steel structures.


  • Delivery of membrane walls, including chambers and bandages:
    • Subcritical boilers – typical boilers (powder/granulation) from 100 ÷ 500 MWe and fluid boilers
    • Small biomass boilers – up to 50MWe
    • Membrane walls for incinerators and heating plants
    • Membrane walls and accessories for boiler repairing
  • Delivery and production of welded economisers and pressure unit exchangers
  • Comprehensive provision and coordination of supplies for smaller boilers