metallographic testing

Metallographic testing

We provide verification of macrostructure and microstructure, we determine the amount of residual austenite, material resistance to intergranular corrosion, we perform microhardness testing, we assess the causes of unsatisfactory products and determine the cause of failures and accidents of machinery products. A wide variety of testing covers also testing of nonferrous metals. Analogous testing is performed also in the operating conditions at our customers.

The  replicas obtained from high pressure steam pipeworks directly at power plants are important to estimate the residual life of energy components.

Type of  materials Test
Steel and engineering products based on iron alloys Testing macrostructure - using etchings (even in boiling HCl), sulphide imprints, fractures, detecting defects in welds 
Testing microstructure - microstructure, nonmetallic inclusions, ferritic / austenitic grain size, decarburization layers, material microstructural analysis of cast  iron, testing microstructure by replicas using.
Physical and technological tests - determination of delta ferrite in austenitic materials, determination of residual austenite, resistance to intergranular corrosion, resistance to hydrogen-inducted cracking,  resistance of steel subjected to bending or tensile  stress to cracking in hydrogen sulfide environment , microhardness, hardness measurements using portable hardness