Non-ferrous metal castings


The production is performed in our foundry in Krnov, which is has been considered a responsible and high-quality supplier of non-ferrous metal castings for over 65 years.

We are suppliers of gravitational and centrifugal castings made from bronze, brass and aluminium alloys. Our castings are primarily used as components in many industrial areas.

We produce:

  • components for general engineering
  • components of marine cranes
  • components for pump production
  • components for metallurgy
  • components for power engineering
  • components for the mining and process industries
  • components for the pulp and paper industry
  • components for chairlifts and lifts

We have our own machine shop which specializes in working with non-ferrous metal castings. These castings are delivered raw, roughened or completely machined according to the technical drawing provided by the customer. We also offer welding of cast alloys by using TIG and MIG methods.

Model equipment is produced and repaired in our own pattern shop.

Our castings are usually delivered together with the mechanical certificates, dimensional and measuring protocols as well as with electrical conductivity protocols. According to the customer's request, we also provide heat treatment of castings, x-ray test and ultrasonic tests. Testing of mechanical properties is performed in our affiliated company VÍTKOVICE TESTING CENTER.