Pressure and non-pressure parts of boilers and energy resources

(Re)construction of New Pressure and Non-pressure Parts of Boilers and Energy Resources

In the area of reconstruction or construction of new large investments in the conventional energetics, we provide individual business bundles, technological operating units and machine technological nodes according to the customer requirements. In the project and construction stages of projects, we are able to create the documentation up to the manufacturing documentation and conduct manufacturing, assembly and putting into operation based on it. We offer pressure parts (pressure tanks, drums, chambers, membrane walls, heat transfer surfaces, pressure piping systems, heaters and separators), non-pressure boiler parts (air and exhaust channels, load-bearing steel structures, bandages, drying shaft, etc.), boiler house technologies (coaling, mill circuits, slag removal, fly ash disposal, etc.) and other technologies (connection piping, pipe bridges, desulfurization technology, particle separation, transport of energy by-products, a cooling circuit, sewage disposal plants, enamel tanks and others).