Project engineering management


The company ensures investment turnkey projects implementation (an EPC contract) in various industrial areas. Our company provides investors with complex project and engineering services in the construction of new, as well as modernization of existing producing facilities from the previous project preparation, all stages of project and engineering services to setting the work into operation. The company employs qualified and skilled project designers, whose experience ensures quality engineering and consulting activities.


  • chemical industry
  • crude oil and gas processing
  • ecology
  • wood-processing industry
  • building materials processing


  • Natural gas treatment and processing
  • Atmospheric distillation unit of Crude oil
  • Vacuum distillation unit of Crude oil
  • Bitumen production unit
  • Heavy crude oil refinery  – straight run bitumen production
  • Hydrocarbon gases splitting from refining processes
  • Hydrocarbon gases desulphurization from refining processes
  • Acid waters stripping from refinery plants
  • Off gas collection and processing from refinery and petrochemical plants, off gas removal on flare and re-compression units for off- gases
  • Crude oil product blending units (gasoline,diesel,oils)
  • Water removal technology from crude oil products (including trace amount)
  • Refinery units revamp (distillation, hydrogenation and other units)
  • Flue gas  treatment and cleaning from combustion processes – DESOX & DENOX (SCR and SNCR)


  • Water treatment plants for industrial purposes
  • Boiler water and softened water production, treatment and distribution
  • Utilities production and distribution
  • Cooling water circulation centers (treatment, cooling, pumping stations, distribution)
  • Liquid crude oil products import, storage and expedition
  • Automotive, railway storage tanks and tankers loading and unloading stations  - (liquid crude oil products as well LPG, LNG)
  • Chemicals and auxiliary substances storage
  • Storage silos for granulated products PE, PP and other products, production technology of CNG, LNG, LPG, terminals for liquid crude oil products as well CNG, LNG,LPG, cogeneration system (CHP), municipal waste and biomass  processing to energy