Increase of prevention against serious accidents in energy sector by means of inspection and maintenance methods  based on risk  in connection with lifetime diagnostic monitoring

Program RIMaSys was created as grant project of Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic under Code No. VG20132015109. The main outcome of the project VG20132015109, which was completed in 2015, is a software RIMaSys focused on simplification of  the planning and optimization of equipment inspection on thermal power plant Pruneřov II and thereby reduce the risk of accident.

As part of the program RIMaSys is continuously processed documentation of technological system including a program description, installation and operation manual. Secondary outcomes of the project there are articles in textbooks and technical papers including information about the support by the provider. 

Implementing program RIMaSys is used for ensuring the integrity and reliability of the operating energy facilities now.By means of Inspection controls the status of components  is checked and by measurement of individual devices (using NDT methods) technical parameters in time are checked. The program RIMaSys evaluates the wear status of operated device and performs the calculation of the theoretical lifetime of the monitoring device. The output is identification of the critical points of the technological equipment from the view of remaining lifetime and the results are more precise requirements for regular maintenance of the equipment, necessity of repairs content and unavailibity time. The program RIMaSys reduces the danger of serious accidents and increases operational safety and production stability. 

The creator of the product: 

The owner and marketing offer performs Vítkovice Power Engineering a.s, Business Unit Engineering. For marketing purposes is  the fixed price (Program RIMaSys) 180 000, - CZK with necessity of   database of monitored sites completion.


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