Road and rail bridges


A bridge, called also "a younger brother of the road", represents a feature that helps overcome various obstacles. People has been naturally attracted to things which connect people, not separate them, and things which make life easier, not more difficult. Bridges and footbridges fulfil this idea. In the area of road and rail bridges, footbridges and pipe bridges, we focus especially on certified production complying with the requirements of the RMD (Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic), the SŽDC (Railway Infrastructure Administration), and, among others, also Deutsche Bahn AG, and on special delivery and assembly of difficult and atypical bridge structures. 

Production takes place in premises with a total area of 49,449 m2. The maximum size of one piece amounts to 7 x 5 x 40 m with a weight of 100,000 kg. Nowadays, the annual capacity of steel structure production is 36,000 t/year.

Our Bests:

  • The first produced bridge, Litoměřice, 44 m (1858)
  • The heaviest bridge, a 13,200 t structure of a road-rail bridge in Bratislava (1985)
  • The highest motorway bridge 76 m, a Velké Meziříčí bridge on the D1 motorway (1974-1976)
  • The longest bridge, a 1,200 m bridge on the D8 motorway, Trmice (2005-2006)
  • A bridge with the longest span, 431.8 m, Bratislava (1972)
  • The widest shipped piece of a bridge structure, 7.2m, a flyover across the Porubka brook (2015)
  • Delivery of the largest Langer girder, 99 m, on the Tábor-Sudoměřice track (2014)
  • Shipping a bridge in one piece, a Stříbrno-Planá rail bridge, 41 m long, 4 m high, weighing 101 t (2009)
  • The first rail bridge with the use of ATMOFIX, a bridge on the siding to FERONA Brno (1977)