Modernization of technological lines

We provide meeting the needs of external customers, and subsidiaries in VÍTKOVICE HOLDING during maintenance, repair, modernization of production equipment and investment construction. The basic range of engineering products includes the design and manufacture of machinery parts, equipment and steel structures.

CNG Programme

Set of equipment and products called Mobile pipelines for supplies of vehicles, areas without gas supply and technologies, and as backup gas storage facilities for so called "Rapid deployment" in case of accidents, disasters and extraordinary events. Rebuilding of road and rail vehicles.

Information and communication technologies, industrial automation

Information and communication technologies (ICT) play a principle role in all fields of business. Today, no company can function without them. We offer our clients complete solutions integrating application software, HW infrastructure, communications, security features, operation facilities and services associated with system design and implementation.

Maintenance and rental

In this field we have long and rich experience of our own operations and services provided to customers both inside and outside the VMG group. We offer property rentals with provided facility management, full service of fire protection including inspection and repair of fire protection equipment, fire-safety system and sprinkler system. 

Technical expertise

We own globally recognized accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories. Comprehensive testing of materials, semi-finished and finished products according to international standards (EN, ISO, ASTM, ASME Code, etc.) includes consultancy and cooperation with inspection companies from around the world. Mathematical modeling focused on static, dynamic and thermal - expansion analysis.

Special alloys

As part of the services rendered, the VÍTKOVICE Group offers the processing of special corrosion resistant steels and special alloys on the basis of titanium and nickel. These so-called super-alloys are used in extreme conditions (aerospace, medical and space technologies, deep-level extraction of crude oil), and hence are very difficult to make and process.