Steel grinding balls

Steel grinding balls

VÍTKOVICE  is a manufacturer of steel grinding balls with a many years' tradition. The grinding balls have been produced since 1938 when the production process based on press forging technology was initiated. In 1961 the product range was extended by rolled grinding balls. The grinding balls are produced by VÍTKOVICE using world-class equipment achieving high quality. In 1998 the entire production process was reequipped, heat treatment technology (quenching and tempering) was added and the product range was further extended.

The rolled and forged grinding balls are actually offered in the following nominal diameters:

16, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 and 120 mm.

The grinding balls manufactured by VÍTKOVICE satisfy the requirements of local as well as foreign customers from almost all over the world. The grinding balls are siuitable for all applications in both wet and dry grinding. The typical application spheres include:

  • Mining industry – grinding of ores (iron, manganese, chromium, wolfram, molybdenum, copper, zinc, gold, uranium)
  • Building industry – grinding of sand and raw materials for cement (limestone) production
  • Power engineering – grinding of coal, blast furnace slag, etc.
  • Other – grinding of colour pigments, ceramic materials, etc.

The grinding balls of the diameters above are produced and offered in the following hardness classes:

Hard 59-65 HRC for diameters D16 - D50
57-64 HRC> for diameters D60 - D70
55-62 HRC for diameters D80 - D100
50-60 HRC for diameter D120
Medium 42-55 HRC for diameters D16 and more
Low 240-360 HB for diameters d16 and more

and approximate chemical composition: 

Chemical elements in %
C Mn Si P S Cr
0,50 - 2,00 0,50 - 2,00 0,15 - 0,70 max. 0,035 max. 0,035 max. 1,50


The grinding balls are produced of materials which have undergone a long-term development in the company and are continuously advanced to improve the end-use properties and customer satisfaction. The combination of high-quality wear-resistant steel and high grinding ball hardness ensures very low wear values during grinding. The heat treatment process is described in great detail so that each grinding ball is uniformly through-hardened which enables to achieve the best mechanical properties. The achievement of accurate volume hardness values is a matter of course. In case of special requirements we can offer production and delivery of the grinding balls in other diameters and made of various material grades provided the quantity conditions are met.