The greening of energy resources

The Greening of Energy Resources

We deal with the greening of power plants, especially concerning nitrogen oxides and sulphur emitted during combustion. In the area of denitrification (reducing nitrogen oxides emission), we apply the latest technologies within primary and secondary measures. For devices that combust brown pulverized coal and pulverized peat, we prefer primarily a combination of various primary measures. That means for example using modern low-emission burners combined with other primary measures such as flue gas recirculation, gradual burning (gradation of air supply), burning out the fuel etc.

After exhausting all primary measures possibilities, we are eligible to apply secondary measures – by using both catalytic and non-catalytic methods. The use of an appropriate method depends on a particular case. In case of specific requirements, the combination of both secondary methods is also possible to be applied. We offer all the major desulfurization methods – wet, half-dry, and dry methods. The choice of the right method depends on the evaluation of advantages of each technology.