• operation of railroad and rail transport on the company siding
  • rail transport operation on foreign sidings
  • transport by rail nationwide
  • road transport
  • renting of construction and material handling equipment
  • forwarding


  • fleet
  • passenger transportation
  • CNG taxi


Moderate and regular repairs and overhauls of railyards.
These repairs include railyards inspections, measurement and rail welding.

Tamping of rail fields. 
Automatic tamping machine Plassermatic 08275-SP is a special two-axle self-propelled rail vehicle (SHV), which automatically adjusts the track and switches geometry and compacts gravel bed of railway superstructure below the bottom surface of the sleeper thereby achieving the necessary stability of the track in the desired position.

Wheelset turning   

Wheelset turning is performed on underline lathe Hegenscheidt 102. This is a centerless, semi automatic subgrade lathe, which allows turning wheelsets hoops of railway vehicles with diameters from 700 mm to 1700 mm in a committed state. The lathe is installed between the rails in the working pit below ground level so it permits passage of the vehicles. The operation of the machine is controlled by a built-old Siemens programmable logic controller with a smart card Mannesmann Rexroth for controlling four hydraulic axes. The interface between the operator and the control system is implemented using the operating panel Siemens OP25 and DT1 control panel.

Car and tire repair shop

We provide servicing for corporate and private vehicles, hand washing, maintenance of the interior, in particular, we provide filters, brake pads, linings, exhausts replacement, diagnostics. We also provide half-year inspections of vehicles, MOT, emission checks. Other activities of the service center include the installation of GPS units (O2 Car Control) and the conversion of vehicles to CNG.

Diesel sale 
Machine locksmith services
We mainly deal with manufacture and welding of custom steel structures with limit to 10 tons.

Maintenance of railway wagons and rail technological vehicles
The main subject of maintenance are repairs of railway wagons Eas, Pan, Hx and others within the BO and SO common and medium repairs, rail cranes, rail brakes, station units, trolleys and tamping machine Plasser.

Maintenance and repairs of locomotives
We perform repairs of locomotives series 703 (211, 212), 709, 729 and 740

Inspection of pressure vessels
We provide services in the field of inspection activities:

UTZ (specified technical equipment) - Pressure Equipment – air reservoirs in rail vehicles and pressure vessels
VTZ (dedicated technical equipment) - Pressure Equipment - stable pressure vessels group A, group B.
We provide training for pressure vessels operators.

Conversion of vehicles to CNG
We perform conversion of passenger and commercial vehicles to CNG and following inspection. Fuel prices affects all motorists and other consumers. One option to save the cost of fuel is to start running on natural gas by having your existing car converted to CNG. The latest generation rebuilding kits for conversion of vehicles to CNG are from renowned companies. The second option is to choose one of the existing models with built-in CNG by the manufacturer, whose offer of natural gas in the transport sector is constantly expanding with the growing popularity.

Maintenance, repairs, inspections and installation of electrical equipment
High pressure washing of road and rail vehicles