VÍTKOVICE Generations


The VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP's subsidiaries share a valuable phenomenon. Several generations of families loyal to a single company work there. This fact shows that VÍTKOVICE has been an employer with good prospects over many decades not only in the Moravian-Silesian Region. The Generations of Vítkovice project maps the phenomenon, focusing on such lineage successors. You can read about some of them in the following section.


The Scelavíks

A grandfather, a father and a daughter

The Scelavíks family has been connected to VÍTKOVICE for more than 60 years… ‘My father Vítězslav Scelavík started working for the former Plant 2 in Vítkovice (today's EVRAZ VÍTKOVICE STEEL) in 1945 as an accountant and worked there for 40 years. Before he retired in 1985, he was the head of the accounting department of a plant that had 7000 employees,' said Ing. Jaromír Scelavík, VÍTKOVICE Doprava director, the second of the Scelavíks family to connect his life with VÍTKOVICE.

‘I followed my father and after finishing a Vítkovice vocational school and then a secondary technical school in Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, I entered the electrical maintenance department in 1971, from where I joined the technical services department in Plant 2', described Ing. Jaromír Scelavík, who gradually became personnel director of the Enterprise division, where he worked from 1992. Four years later he was offered to become the director of Vítkovické slévárny. After the successful restructuralization and privatization in 2004, he gained the position of the VÍTKOVICE Doprava director. ‘VÍTKOVICE offers a wide range of opportunities of further professional development. As my father used to say: it is a company with long tradition and future. And he was right. He worked here, I work here and now even my daughter Linda does,' added Ing. Scelavík, whose daughter joined the sales department of VÍTKOVICE LAHVÁRNA (today's VÍTKOVICE CYLINDERS) right after she graduated from VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava and worked there until her daughter Sára was born. Now she is on maternity leave, maybe bringing up a future VÍTKOVICE man!


The Mikeskas

87 years incessantly in VÍTKOVICE!

The Mikeskas Family has been connected with VÍTKOVICE for unbelievable 87 years! In 1922, Ludvík Mikeska started working for the Vítkovice coking plant of blast furnaces. Oldřich Mikeska, his son, who joined the company in 1967, is the foreman of department 340 in VÍTKOVICE HEAVY MACHINERY. You can see him in the photo together with his brother Milan Mikeska, who worked as a roller at former Plant 2, and cousins Roman and Stanislav. They are both employed at department 340, Stanislav as a machinist and Roman as a foreman. However, that's not all. According to Oldřich, who is very proud of his family tree, his wife, daughter, father-in-law, two brothers-in-law, two sisters-in-law and his wife's uncle work or worked for the company.


The Ostrožnýs

77 years in one company!

The first note about the Vítkovice lineage of the Ostrožnýs family comes from 1932. In that year, František Ostrožný (born in 1894) joined a blast furnace workplace. René Ostrožný followed his father, and worked for Těžká mechanika for 41 years till 1985, when he retired. His wife and brother Edmund were also employed there. Next generations of the Ostrožnýs family carry on the tradition… Libor, a sales assistant in VÍTKOVICE POWER ENGINEERING, became an employer in Vítkovice in 1978. His brother Miloš, a metal machinist for VÍTKOVICE POWER ENGINEERING, had been working there for eight years at that time. Last generation of the Ostrožnýs so far is represented by Libor and David, who selected VÍTKOVICE as their employer, too. Libor Ostrožný, Jr. works as a project architect and designer for VÍTKOVICE


The Sýkoras

Three Vítkovice generations of the Sýkoras family

Petr Sýkora, the foreman of department 370 in VÍTKOVICE HEAVY MACHINERY, is the second generation of three Sýkoras family generations working for VÍTKOVICE. He finished a five-year study programme at Vítkovice vocational school and started working for the company in 1972. ‘At that time, both parents worked there. My mum Vlasta, who is 83 years old now, was an accountant and assistant in Plant 2, my father Jan worked in former Plant 3 from the 1950's. When I joined the company, they saw good opportunities and prospects in it,' said Mr Sýkora, who started as a machine fitter, in 1979 became a foreman, and then was the head of the department in 1983-2001. Now, after the department reorganization, he is a foreman again. ‘My brother Jan, who studied the same vocational school, works as a machine fitter. My 33-year-old son Petr occupies the same position. He is the third Vítkovice generation in our family.'


The Billigs

The Billigs family has been working for the company for more than 70 years…

When Eduard Billig joined Plant 2 of VÍTKOVICE as a lathe operator, he couldn't have known how tight the roots of the Billigs family in the company would be… ‘I followed my father and in 1962 I joined Vítkovice ironworks as an apprentice of the milling machine operator programme. In 1965, I entered Plant 6. My mum had been working there for almost five years at that time. She was a worker in the old steelworks in Plant 3, where substances for iron casting were prepared,' remembered Jan Billig, who did not hesitate and in 1975 he started studying at Vítkovice secondary technical school. He passed the final exam in 1980. At that time, his wife Marie also joined the company. She worked as a wage accountant in Plant 6. ‘Secondary education helped me to grow, I became the foreman of the mechanical department and later its director,' added Jiří and continued: ‘After 1989, during large workforce reductions, I started working at department 830 with a Corta and Omnicut cutting machines, where I stayed till 2009.' Mr Billig has retired this year. However, the Billigs family is still there in the company… Roman Billig, Jiří's son, joined the Vítkovice ironworks as a metal machinist in 1987. Thirteen years later, he entered Plant 5 and since 1994 has been working at department 830. Roman is also not the last Billig that work there. Ivo Janošek, Jiří's nephew, has been working for VÍTKOVCICE POWER ENGINEERING as a boiler operator since 1976, and in 2007 also his son Adam became a boiler operator after his father. Adam is not only Jiří's grandnephew, but he is also a great-grandson of Eduard, the first of the Billigs family to work in Vítkovice.