VÍTKOVICE Secondary Technical School


The VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP participates in education development in the entire Moravian-Silesian Region. Supporting education has many forms but one major aim, which is to increase the reputation of technical fields. The VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP actively cooperates with Czech Machinery Cluster. As regards supporting education, we are involved in projects for changing the way technical fields and engineering are perceived.

VÍTKOVICE SECONDARY TECHNICAL SCHOOL is the first specialized company school and the largest private technical school in the CR. The school provides technical programmes finished by an apprenticeship certificate or maturita exam. The school was established as a reaction to employers' demand for young people that would be prepared to work in demanding positions, primarily in the area of mechanical engineering, metallurgy and electrical engineering.

VÍTKOVICE SECONDARY TECHNICAL SCHOOL offers a unique combination of quality education and work experience at a company (apart from VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP also at other significant companies in the region), which ensures that our alumni don't have problems to find a job.

Do you want to be one of us?

We offer a large variety of study programmes. For our students we prepared merit scholarships, interesting extracurricular activities, accommodation opportunities, fitness centre and more. Our best students can get an employment scholarship contract with the VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP.

You can submit your application by 15/03/2015.